Asking for Gratitude

Here’s an interesting twist on the gratitude topic.

This entire blog is about gratitude, learning to be grateful, choosing gratitude, practicing gratitude … and the joy that comes from gratitude.

This speaker says everyone needs to be praised for what they do well and thanked for things they do for us. She said we need to offer praise and thanks when we can do so sincerely. We all know this.

The twist in this little 3.5 minute talk is that the speaker suggests we ask others to express their gratitude to us! It actually makes sense. It’s not something to do with strangers, but with those with whom we are closest. Asking a loved one for what we need to hear requires vulnerability. But, it can have the result of giving us the appreciation we need, and it allows others to express their gratitude.¬† Imagine the possibilities when two people who are close both¬† make a point of saying thank you to each other.

Laura Trice



Brene Brown

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