Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!!

My joy tonight was joining several family members about 30 minutes before midnight and seeing the New Year in with them. We welcomed the New Year by counting down together, cheering “Happy New Year!!,”  moving around  the table hugging each other and saying “Happy New Year!!,”  raising a toast to the new year, having a prayer, and eating 12 grapes, a Spanish tradition. That sounds complicated, but it was actually a pretty simple celebration.



I told my family about this new gratitude and joy project, TheGratefulJoy.com. Some of them agreed to provide anonymous quotes about what they are grateful for. I’m grateful for them, for our shared time together, and for their willingness to participate in the beginning of this project.

Here are the quotes they provided tonight, describing their gratitude:

“I’m grateful that my almost 20 year old still likes to lean against me.”

“I’m grateful for all of my family.”

“I’m grateful for getting to spend great moments with great people.”

“I’m grateful for a warm house, and a bed, and food to eat.”

“I’m thankful for a warm home.”

“How about like dogs and stuff and cats?”

“People are good at reading out loud.”

“I’m grateful for family, and the tougher the times get, the more grateful I am for family.”

“How about health and being well?”

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