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Gratitude 101

There is plenty of information on the internet about gratitude. Many people have written about it. There are blogs and best sellers. There are images and charts and calendars and suggestions. Here is an image from VivaLaMe.com giving us “the 101 of Gratitude.”  The blog post quoted below includes the topics “What is Gratitude?,” “Benefits…

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Why Gratitude?

Why gratitude? First of all, why not? We all tend to be stressed. Many believe stress produces illness. Some of us look for ways to reduce stress. How about joy? Could we replace stress with joy?  How do we find joy? Find joy by practicing gratitude. I believe there are many benefits to practicing…

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Conscious Choice

(guest post by cp)     “I think gratitude is not a natural human response. I think it is a conscious choice  that we have to keep making continually until it finally sticks and we have actually changed our inner human tendencies (inward mindset) to be an outward mindset (feeling gratitude and compassion towards all)…

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