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TheGratefulJoy.com – An Introduction

This is the first post for TheGratefulJoy.com. The New Year symbolizes new life and a fresh start, so we are starting TheGratefulJoy.com today, January 1, 2018, a day when people around the world are making resolutions and hoping for a good year ahead.

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Our goal is to post quotes and anecdotes every day of the year reflecting gratitude and joy.


We imagine you’ve heard of the idea of a gratitude jar, where you write something you’re grateful for on a piece of paper, and you put it in the jar every day of the year. Then, when you lose touch, or you lose your joy, or you lose track of where you put your gratitude, you can pull out some of those papers and help yourself remember what’s right in your world.

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We are hoping TheGratefulJoy.com will be a place where you can share your gratitude and your joy, and you can read about the gratitude and joy of others and share it with them. Gratitude and joy and thanksgiving create a place in our hearts that makes everything better. We hope this page will be a place where you can share your gratitude and joy, and draw joy from the gratitude and joys of others.

We encourage you to participate in five different ways. The easiest way is to read each day and look for something that feels right to you. The second way is to comment with a brief description of something for which you are grateful. The third way is to send a message through our contact page sharing a brief story about something that happened that left you with a sense of gratitude or joy. The fourth way to participate takes it a step further when you create gratitude and joy art, along the lines of PostSecret, using art to tell your story with the slight variation that in this case, you are are telling about your gratitude and your joy. The fifth way we invite you to participate in The Grateful Joy project is to share this page with anyone you wish to share it with. Please feel free to share through Facebook and Twitter and Instagram. If there are other platforms you’d like to share to, please let us know so we can add buttons to allow sharing.

Thank you again for joining us! Thank you for reading TheGratefulJoy.com.



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